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Pissed stained mattress.
Canned dog food.
Straight jacket session.
Padded room
I see the light through a single foot
and I think I’m getting worse as the months goes by.

Ya just couldn’t live by the rules now you stay in the asylum.
Ya couldn’t fit in like we wanted but in here we can teach you.
And if ya cant live by our rule then you’ll die in the asylum.
Am I insane.
So they say.

Lights out at 8
Take the pills.
Shocking treatment.
Break your will.
Your progress report is looking grim and.
Were trying other meds for the state your in.

Out there you only make trouble for the passive ones.
We understand your mind was too strong for the thought control.
Never fit for release.

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Forever For Hire

Koffin Kats texty

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