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Above Me, Beyond You - text


I saw the place where I will meet the end
The faces that will watch, but they won't understand
You don't know me and you won't help but cry
It's not how it needs to be, but then again that's life

Above me, beyond you
Perfection knew its boundaries
Theres nothing I could do
To change the course of this
I'm slipping away now
I feel the body reject
I earned this
Their losing
It's time to say goodbye

Reach out your hand
But I was never there
The eyes do play tricks when love is thought sincere
Call out my name
That no one ever gave
Maybe in a book you read
Forgotten through the days
I say goodbye
But only for a while

The medication
Only works so long
And if I do return
I will not be so old
A little stronger
And ready to tear you apart

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