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Only fear what I fear I’ll find
In an aimless answer to a trusting mind
Asking if I’m wrong or right with a mind so loud
That I fear I might be broken
Broken, I’m broken
In a colder shoulder, in a heated breath
In the past that shapes us, in the time thats left
It’s a pale imitation of who you should have been
But its all that’s there now and it makes me think I’m broken
Broken, I’m broken
In the way that you talk, in the words that you said
You’re the shadow of doubt in the back of my head
You’re the fire that burns like its under my skin
You’re the shame that I feel when I feel who I am
And I know who you are, and I know who you were
It’s as much in your silence as in every word
And I fucking despise that I care if you win
And I hate that I love when I feel like I’m broken
Broken, I’m broken
Broken, I’m broken
[In all your rage, in all your own
I turn to stone, I turn to stone] ×2
[Broken, broken] ×4

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