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The Sentenced Man - text


Dreaming into darkness
God makes other plans
Down here there's no salvation
By these almighty hands
His only sound is silence
Death defiles the land
I stand just East of Eden
And I play the sentenced man.

There'll come a time in the white man's reign
When warriors of the rainbow, ride again
Deeds be legend, the dream must end
Let the land of our fathers be green
Be green again, for the sentenced man.

Between the death of life
And a life of death
I walk beneath the stars
Between wakefulness and sleeping lie
A billion unplayed bars.
There will always be this showdown
Unworthy as I am
I fire this empty chamber
For every sentenced man.

I follow from the mountain
And let his music speak
Like waters from the fountain
His song did make me weep, weep, weep
There was nothing that I could say then
I laid me down to sleep.
I was lost upon the way then
When currents ran too deep
And I prayed my soul to keep.

But who cries now, the ghosts are gone
Who gives a tinkers damn.
Bruised limbs, hung up like monuments
Bowls and empty hands.
White dust blown across a wilderness
Where mighty oceans ran
Sand turned glass for eternity
Turn those keys for eternity
They say there's no release from eternity
But I know who I am
Yes I know what I am
And I play the sentenced man.

It was only love which bound us
Held us to our parts
Now these fortresses surround us
All must break upon such desperate hearts
There was no place left to turn to
No place left to run
The hurting always leaves its scar
And the hutting's just begun.
The hutting's just begun –

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