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The Giver of Gifts - text


Perhaps she really loves him
Maybe now she never will
An angel at my table
Has a promise to fulfill
She don't want to hear the voices
The mirror smiling from the wall
Saying that she could make atonement
If she wants to heed the call
She don't want to hear at all

And The Giver
Sees many things
A river of light
A mirror that gleams

Maybe now she's getting weary
Thinking nothing makes the difference anymore
He's the key but she's not thinking clearly
Maybe love's too high a price for her

And The Giver of Gifts
May be many things
And the river runs swift
Where her cool body leans
Does she know where you are?
Does she know what it means?
At the doorway to the Theatre of Dreams?

Pretty women seek perfection
Pretty strangers they embrace
Perhaps they're looking for affection?
Perhaps it's something in a face?
For some it's sacrifice and sharing
A state of grace or the sharing of a soul
A lucky woman wants for nothing
Where another needs it all
Yet another eats you whole
And The Giver

In dedication to the moment
Premonitions of a song
She lies open to emotion
And whatever turns it on
Until she's gone gone gone

To The Giver of Gifts
Who sees many things
A river runs swift
Through the valley of streams
She knows who you are
She knows what it means
And the price paid at the Theatre of Dreams

She draws you down beneath her
It never felt this good before
And as the urgency grows deeper
You find it feeds you more and more and more and more

One more kiss before she leaves you
His gentle tongue could not be wrong
One more caress and she'll believe you
Man she knows that's what she wants
Yes she knows it's what she wants

And The Giver of Gifts
Heals many things
And the deep colours bleed
Where her cool body leans
And you know where you are
You know what it means
You're at the doorway to The Theatre of Dreams
There you are

Yeah The Theatre of Dreams

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The Giver

David Knopfler texty

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