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The Bloodline - text


Please heed a man who has no past
Take his body - break his mind
And don't tell him if he's sinking fast
Another one down, he'll believe he's doing fine

And he makes just like a serenader
Past too close behind
Riding high and proud on cold slow faders
In benediction to the bloodline
Jacked up to the bloodline

They come snakin' through the darkness
No fees - her benediction's free
And well you know the price is madness
Just another kind of lock and key
If you hear - the angels call you
Lay your ear on solid ground
And if she cries out: "Davey, Davey, Davey"
Swear he's not around
Fix me in the bloodline

One day I'll know you'll follow
Sculpting out of time
Rhythms of tomorrow's need
And the love we leave behind
Hostage to the bloodline

Drawn into dreamtime
Where we play each other's parts
"Behind the lines" foreshadowing
All these secrets in our pagan hearts
Dark ecstasies and anguish
We've known heartaches and hurt
But you cannot fuck with destiny
Lying six feet under dirt
Fix me in the bloodline

So could I move you with a story?
Could I fix you with a lie?
So disfigured by your memory
Your eyes filled up with mine

Your eyes eclipse in mine
So shameless in the face of life
Whose heart just missed a beat?
Me? ... I play myself - kid myself
I'm a hard act
A hard act to repeat

You can't escape your bloodline
Dedicate it to the bloodline

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