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Southside Tenements - text


London City's Southside Tenements
Rusty cans, broken cars, cracked cement
Someone blocked the drains, someone's smashed a vent
In a Southside ... Southside Tenement

London City's Southside Tenements
Flags are flying for some royal event
People hanging out the St. Paul's windows
Linin' up on the pavements and on The High Street
And the City Road and from Crossfields
And the Southside Tenements

Well I get restive, and I got to leave
I'm taking the shortcut home
Past the arches, by the railway
Where an old friend swears that he could save me
For a crazy boy he's okay
For a Southside ... a Southside cavalcader
Hear the haunted ... the haunted serenader
Just a memory a-fadin' on The Broadway
Fading from the Southside
The Southside Tenements

Sleepwalkin' to The Oxford Arms
No-one noticed warehouse alarms
Slamming dominoes in the back bar
Safe from harm, by The Southside
The Southside Tenements
By The Southside, The Southside Tenements

London City's Southside Tenements
Cops sayin' that my kids are thieves
And they say "The Bill are bent"
Well I don't know, I'm only sharin' rent
In a Southside, a Southside Tenement
A Southside Tenement

London City's Southside Tenements
Broken parts, broken hearts, cracked cement
Some spray-can words 'bout love and gold - remember them?
And a madman cryin' "Nobody's condemned"
Not even Southside, Southside Tenements
And I remember Southside Tenements

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