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Mending My Nets - text


Her hands caress the water, self possessed in Sunset's haze
His Shaman's shawl unwinds her like a junky's tourniquet
Round rivulets of divers pearls - amulets to save the world
She calls them "magic moments" this dreamy, siren girl

Left my heart in pieces... six feet underground
Too late for a miracle or love cure to be found
Prayers for sweet redemption all had run aground
Her love sick Captain's drowning, his wheel spins round and round
I'm mending my nets... mending my nets
There's been more than time enough for penance and regret
She says "Bless me David for I've sinned." Lest we should forget
I said "it's all right if you're crying I don't mind getting wet
I believe that we can mend those nets"

The Fisher KIng a waiting still on God's will and Fate
In that well honed celebration of love's unrequited ache
Who's bitter smile accuses down my soul sick mirrored hall
The ghost of childhood's train wreck which was no dream at all

She's sensual, delicate - to you this song I dedicate
You who's shadow comes for me - you who'll make me wait
Who rustles through my black bamboo - invisible, unnamed
Like that Rilke poem in candle flame 'to you who never came'

I'm mending my nets - mending my nets
We'll bind our wounds with herb o grace for heartbreak and regret
I'm not making promises but I'm clearing all the decks
I hate whoever made you cry but I don't mind getting wet
Join me on The Ship of Dreams we can mend those nets

The water calls, darkness falls, sparks fly from the fire
Beneath the undulating lake, temptation's on the wire
Going down for glistened bait, blows her smoking pyre
Waiting with pauper's plate, constant as Desire

My green eyed mermaid pirouettes, past graveyard, soldier statuettes
Where the haunted mansion silhouette, hugs the shining shore
She snares with precious secrets, all men who have these weaknesses
Offers up her treasures at my more than open door

Oh Ophelia you're moonlit - She says "I'm hollow and I'm wounded
But I wrote this little tunelet for a rosewood clarinet
See those broken reeds were useless but I know that I can do this..."
I think some way, somewhere, somehow she's passed this way before
Dig down deep and there is something more
Something very wrong and very raw

We're mending nets - mending our nets
We'll bind your womb with herb o grace - nullify all debts
She loved the bloodstained skank who stank of borrowed cigarettes
The necromance of Death's romance, his boho dance, punishments and sweats
I hurt when you were crying but I loved that you were wet
When fishermen can't put to sea it's time we mend our nets

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Ship of Dreams

David Knopfler texty

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