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Like Lovers Do - text


Such urgency to prove her love
Feeds it like no other love
Love has come to crucify
And fits just like a glove
Bruised hearts burn in flame
Soul sickness is another name
Waits for him by the garbage
Man she's strung out on love. She aches for him

Like lovers do
Like lovers do
And the dreams of love come true.

Sweet pleasures and abandonment
Salt wet scent in soft descent
Into the madness that don't relent
Ooh the taste of love is good
Well she knew one day she'd pay the price
But she raise one eye as she dim the lights
What it is - it's what he likes
Loves him like no other could

Like lovers do
Like lovers do
When the dreams of love run true

Where do dreams of love run true?
A rose tattooed - so new burns so blue against her skin
And she's hoping that it's love again
Fever in her heart

The coiling snake. The bladed fist
She holds him fast for one last kiss
Undressed against his emptiness
Plays her final part
She calls his name out from the crowd
The black rains pouring down so hard
Love has come for her
And he fits her like a shroud

Like her lovers do
Like her lovers do
Like her lovers do

Text přidal roman59

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