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Karla Faye, Karla Faye
Karla Faye, Momma's little lady
Karla Faye, Karla Faye
Do it for Momma, Come to Pappa

Holdin' tight to the motor cycle
Feels the blood pound in her head
Shootin' straight with a dirty needle
Momma shows the John her bed
Ten years old, already dead
Deep in the heart of Texas

God bless Texas the home of the brave
In her country clubs her white washed thugs
Keep the oil price safe
"Vote for me" ... God bless you Georgie Baby
For though the truth will never set you free
You'll be linked eternally...
To Karla Faye, Karla Faye
"Suck it for Momma... did Big Tex' hurt my Baby?"

Karla Faye, Karla Faye
You gotta die for Georgie boy
'Cause Georgie boy is on his way

Georgie Porgie pudding and pie
Blessed the girl then let her die.

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David Knopfler texty

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