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'Twas long ago near Jericho where Joshua lit the spark
A soldier from a holy war lay dying in the dark
And he heard the final trumpet
Through the sacred culling ground
He heard a sound like thunder
As walls came tumbling down
Jericho Jericho

He'd prayed to find redemption - He prayed for inner peace
He'd prayed upon the innocents when searching for release
He had travelled far behind the lines - cut the sacred wire
He'd put his lips against the steel - the symbol of his ire
Jericho Jericho

The lifeline - his holy cross - the giver of sweet gifts
Small mercies for the dying on a final graveyard shift
Jericho Jericho

There was a final consecration - a final calling card
A lifetimes culmination for the words that came so hard
The blood was coursing through his veins - he knew the final score
Sword lay in the scabbard - Death was at the door
Jericho Jericho.

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