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Guiding Star - text


Set sail by the guiding star
Where the moonlight dance the water
He's cast his nets - so wide so far
For all these sons and daughters

He spreads his wings - my guiding star
Nails his truth to the conscience tree
Casts his net so wide and far
That never more can we be free
Can we be free - can we be free?

Black train waits in the early morn
Black wings eclipse the sun
And they shout so loud at the little ones
They say: "Madam, what d'you take us for? Barbarians?"

So spread your wings my guiding star
Shine forth upon the living waters
The Promised Land so near so far
For all lost sons and daughters

Across the water
Across the water

Finds their clothes in the early morn
Black clouds hang on the horizon
Bags unpacked but all have gone
And none to mourn or find them - find them

So come for me my burning star
An arc across the water
If I've traveled free - I've traveled far
In the shadow of self-slaughter

Sail on my guiding star

Across the water
Across the water
Across the water
Across the water
Across the water
Across the water

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David Knopfler texty

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