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God’s Mockingbird - text


God's mockingbird - don't sing no more
Where she had wings of gossamer now she has scars
Now she has claws... all feathers tattered and torn
With this metamorphosis complete
God's mockingbird she hits the street
Say have you seen - Say have you heard
Say have you seen - God's mockingbird?

Like bindweed - they entangle her
She's in too deep - she's in too far
You owed me nothing when we met,
It's less than nothing now
You've a new duet to grease in for your set
Foolio had Juliet
Say haven't you seen - haven't you heard
Haven't you seen God's mockingbird

While money rich morticians, honey o'er the seaméd stye
I dreamed I heard God's mockingbird from her secret garden fly
She was startled and stuttering, naked and torn
Shell shocked, shuddering, shaken and worn
Battered and broken, borne back by the storm
To a black and loveless sky
Say haven't you seen - haven't you heard
Haven't you seen God's mockingbird

And as he lays you down to sleep,
Who'll pray each night for your soul to keep?
With your sacred cow and crushed crimson heart
Promises are cheap

You can shut me down - You can freeze me out
Baby I'm not the clown - You should worry about
Where this drowned phoenician sailor rocks
To the rhythms of his broken oars
It ain't over till the last siren calls
As the puss sun goes down on his hollow eyed whores
Who's soft sighs solicit from desolate shores
Your dead poet's gone but you'd still take his calls
Your last sea dog sailed but you're still taking bets
Was it a something or a someone found in the net?
Ah nobody's saying... but Ophelia knows
As up he rose... and donn'd his clothes
The salt bones picked clean, the last crow goes west
The clocks are all stopped but God is not mocked
There's a serenading silhouette climbing the walls for his Juliet
Ah Juliet... Did they sign you off file and forget
Hush little mockingbird don't say a word...
'Cause it still ain't over yet

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