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In every line he speaks
I spoke to you
"Every time he weeps"
I wrote for you
How do you sleep
When the night's so blue?
Can a heart refused
Still soothe you?

If you ever knew
My special one
There was only you
You were the only one
It's hard to do
What has to be done
D'you ever miss me
Do you?

How can you betray
This foreign son?
Please don't say, honey
This was wrong
There's no way
With foreign tongue
That I would not still woo you.

And it's a heartless joke
When we had every chance
And now you choke
To see your frog prince dance
And the heart you broke
With your brave romance
This heart could not
Accuse you
This heart could not
Include you

In every line he speaks
I spoke to you
And every line she reads
I wrote for you
When I'm asleep I dream
I'm holding you
Can the heart you broke
Still move you?
Can the heart you broke
Refuse you?

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The Giver

David Knopfler texty

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