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I've been tryin' for so many years
To find a meaning in this vale of tears
Sometimes it's lonely sometimes it's tough
Sometimes I wonder if I'm strong enough
But I'll keep on holding on
Gonna squeeze this life 'til the juice is gone
Gonna find the answers that you can't refute
Gonna live my live in a spiritual pursuit
Met a girl in gorman and it lit the torch
So we read the bible on her dad's front porch
All my prayers were answered as the flame was burnt
If her daddy finds out I'm gonna wish they weren't
But I'll keep on rollin' on
No I'm never gonna stop until they carry me home
Sometimes temptation is blonde and cute
You meet all kinds in this spiritual pursuit
Tryin' to get to heaven takes a piece of discipline that I lack
It's long tough ride when you gotta decide on the keys to the kingdom or a shiny cadillac
As the days grow shorter and the lights grow dim
Will I see St. Peter wave a welcome in
Will I go to heaven only time will tell
But from now 'til then I'm gonna raise some hell
And I'll keep on rollin' on
No I'm never gonna stop until they carry me home
From here to heaven is a long commute
Gonna take my time in this spiritual pursuit

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