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Somebody‘s Gotta Do It - text


I really got no idea if we ever been here before
I think I‘m sleeping away another hung over day, oh lord
And your familiar face is kinda out of place, oh lord
Don‘t give a shit, anyway, because my memory today seems completely gone

Somebody‘s gotta do it
Yeah someone‘s gotta get it done for all
Somebody‘s gotta do it
If there‘s nobody else who‘s got the balls
It‘s hard to carry all this heavy burden
But hey, you gotta practice what you preach
Recruited for the dirty work
Somebody‘s gotta do it

I’m having nowhere to stay, we’ve got a hell of a way to go
I’ve got an ape in my head as I awake from the dead, oh no
And all the girls to be pleased are getting on their knees, oh no
It ain’t no walk in the park but it’s a real bloody hard work to rock and roll

Text přidal Pennywise

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