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One More Time - text


You say that you’re tired
Of sticking around
You say that you’re wired
So shout it all out

We summon the thunder
To rumble tonight
The worlds’s gonna shine in
A different light

You’re running in circles
Until it’s too late
They’re getting you nowhere
It’s time to be straight

So we will be seeing
And guiding the blind
Just follow me right now
And leave it all behind

Only one more time, we’ll be raising a row
Only one more time, yeah, we’re running the show
For the damned, for the saints, for the friends and the foes
Only one more time, so come on, here we go
Only one more time, ‘til it all will explode

We’re not gonna die
Having wasted our years
So show me the beast ‘cause
A beast has no fears

We’ll never be tame birds
Who dream of the sky
They’re singing of freedom
But wild birds start to fly

Text přidal Pennywise

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