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Heart Of Stone - text


In your permanent smile, there’s a touch of incredible sadness
If you’re doing alright, tell me why you’re trying so hard?
If you stand in the sun, why do your eyes shudder with madness?
They are telling no lies, there’s one thing that’s left in the dark

‘Cause you have a heart of stone, a heart of stone
You’re gonna hide it today, but tomorrow you’ll be alone
And from the day that you die, you cannot deny
Just one thing remains for good
Only your heart, your heart of stone

Can’t you see that the walls that you’ve built around you start to crumble
You can cobble the cracks, still blaming somebody else
They will break like a wave and frame your own grave in a moment
You have tried to fake heaven and finally end up in hell

Text přidal Pennywise

Video přidala Nameless666

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