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Have you ever buried a blade in skin that wasn’t your own?
Twisted and jerked the tip of the steel around the bone and sent a bitch home.
Oh tell god I’m not the boy I used to be.
Oh no. I’ve changed, you wouldn’t even recognize me.
Truth is, I don’t recognize myself sometimes.
The monster in the mirror wears the mask of our lives.
And I want what’s left of my fucking life.

Do you ever bury your face in your hands when you’re alone
with the worst taste in your mouth, thinking of how fast you’ve grown how much it’s shown.
Tell god I don’t want to do this anymore.
I’m sore and I’m sure that I’ll never be what I was before.

God won’t you come down from up above.
I want to wear your skin and crush your bones and drink your blood.
I got to know what it’s like to love everything and everyone.

All this will burn. It’s all gonna burn!
I have no god no heroes I am worthless I am nothing I am shit.
As kids we drew our names in the wet cement.
And I’m sinking with my city I’m captain of this ship.
So kill me and come on with the judgement.

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Brahma - Single

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