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T.P.S. (Typical Party Song) - text


Where'd we park the car?
have we lost our minds?
there's a melody
and a beat inside

Partied NYC
woke in Tennessee
endless drinks on me
with my fake ID

Do we run away
or take a chance now
Do we run away
or hit the town now?

Downtown Baby,
we're gonna go downtown baby
just take my hand and
don't look back now
downtown Baby
'til we see the light

Rock and roll
on the radio
sittin' on a throne
cause we're in the zone

No celebrity shot
drink your cup, we're hot
hey its Miley Cyrus
how'd she get on the list

I'm an animal WOO
at a petting zoo
now it's 20 past 4
so let's hit the dance floor

Do we stay awake
and head to my place
Do we stay awake
or do it all over again

I wanted to party all night long
and nothing can stop me
living a party song
I'm breaking the rules now
and every night is like a Friday night
Like a Friday night

(talking, cheers)

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