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All Or Nothing - text


Once upon a time, when you made your own home
Once upon that time, you were never alone,
I know, cause I was right there beside you

Candle at the sunset
fighting where the wind blows
but the flame went out

You’re waiting by the window
hoping I’ll be come back
but I wont be back

It’s all or nothing
I’ll never see you again, you’ll never need me again
It’s for the best to say we’re nothing
I’ll never see you again, you’ll never need me again
My heart is screaming if I love you to let you go
And deep down in my soul, I know you’ll always mean something
I’ll always love you, but I’ll never see you again

The hardest thing in life
is to be walking away
and to admit it to the person
that would kill just to stay
I know
how could you ever forgive me

Oh the fraying of our ties is easier said
‘cause the ringing in my head reminds me of when we were
so lost in love and it was never enough

Dizzy nights
reflections on a last goodbye
Oh dizzy nights
I’m thankful I once called you mine

Text přidala Ketyss

Video přidala Ketyss

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