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Howlin' at the moon I feel your red hot fire
You're tearing me apart with your tempting eyes
It's waking up my senses, triggering alarms
But you don't know about me
Squeezing on your hips while I'm in my head
I’m torturing myself when I'm deep in my bed
I'd like to know your body to the ends of time
But you don't even know about me
Air, heat, the smell of colors
Flight of a dragon, the thrill of hunters
Blank page, let's live a novel
Me as Romeo, undercover
Tripping on the way to your fancy soul
My blood flows even faster near your private zone
Still I hang up the phone every time you answer
So it’s off for a walkabout
Love or lust, hugs or power
You scare me in a way, I've never felt, no never
Grab her hand and turn her wrist
Come on, pretty baby, let’s do the twist
Swinging ’til light surrenders to the night
I'm having the greatest time of my whole life
It's like swimming in a pool with them hungry sharks
So it’s off on a walkabout

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