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Dream fails every morning I look into wrong eyes
Sweet words to those ears that are no longer surprised
I´m so gone, I´m ain´t faking to make things righ
Cos´ you know hidden tigers won´t have mercy tonight

Wearing a tie for a different smile
Smile´s her own natural style

I´ve been waiting for you for too long
Wish you knew what I´ve been through
I´ve been waiting for so much, so much, waiting for you

I´ve been waiting for sound of my soul
My hearts soft spoken blues
I´ve been waiting for so much, so much
But now I´m walking with you

I hear all those voices in the back of my head
They´re trying to tell me what kind of man I could be
So long, decisions I am undone
Cos´ you know It hurts me the most when I´m doing you harm

Wearing a tie for a different smile
Smileś her own natural style

It felt it so deep in my chest
Sorry I left you alone, left you alone
That was really mean

So deep in my chest
I know you´ll find the way

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