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Trapped In Reality - text


Oh, I´m walking through the streets
Full of empty avatars

I´m pretty sure they cannot see
Anything but their new boots

Cold and square shelters full of souls
Watching moving stuff inside the boxes, yeah

No one cares what´s going on
I feel all alone, by the way, yeah

I'm in a house of puppets, trapped by reality
It seems that world´s made of puzzles; the outcome´s mortality

AAAAaaa, AAAAaaa
Tu tuu du, Tu tuu du, duu

Strong enough to pull a car
Well, in my head I can throw the van

All people look the same
I ´m afraid they've cables instead of brains

Those robots are everywhere, trying to get rid of me
Everything is gray

Suddenly I realize, maybe I am one of them

I believe there is a god, I think it´s bigger than we thought
It is our hearts, it is our thoughts. All dimensions, everywhere

What is on the other side?
Life is a gift so let´s take a ride. All fears disappear.

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