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One night she´s got the flame
I´d like to know her name
(She´s my body, eh)

Gotta go, Tokyo, wanna feel her love
I knew her just for one last day
I like the way she looked at me
Listen for two seconds hey I´ll give you everything

She steels my soul
Mind isn´t in control
My heart is growing, growing then blow

She steels my love
And I´m the one who needs her, needs to be her role

Red wine in the veins, we need to go away Reinforce, sigh, like you´re stirred
Bringing me, custody, everyday is like It´s not for me Turnaround, weaponized, I am not the clown

Leading the soul in me to the palace
Leading the soul from me not to malice
My heart must have cooled down

Seized by violence, lonely and survived
Seconds left to keep myself inside
But I´m not leaving my body UUuuu
The temptation is harder than I´d expected Goodbye

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