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Kissed By Her Name - text


Day started soon enough
With me knowing what to do

All my sorrows left behind
The fear was gone, my laughter found

I´d jumped the hill blind no eyes
I could turn gravity into my fly ally

I´ve seen some hands cut the air
My chest full out, cos´ you were there

Kissed by her name, name, name
Kissed by her name, name, name

We´re caught in a flame, flame, flame
We´re caught in a flame, flame, flame

Her morning face was soft
Dazed by the dreams she´s crossed

The power in her mind
Lights up the room in the night

She tracked the trace to the place
Where time is blue, blazed the way out of the maze

Her hands flew up in the air
Your breath gone off, cos I was there

I know it´s more than, know it´s more than
Blind coincidence
From the moment we entwine our bodies
Time won´t matter again

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