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Every time I look into that woman’s eyes
It's hard to get away from her and fly by
Since you've been away I’ve become a man
I'm not a boy, anymore

You let me down, and now you wanna run
Like before

Soft spoken words from day one
When I was scared she used to sing
That smell of daisies

I sometimes help her while she cooks
We never needed any books
It was amazing

But then it stopped, day by day our thoughts went gray
Because of all the lies, you've laid on me
All that love wasted it's such a damn pity, it’s buried dead

I'm looking out for the ones
Who'd be brave, like Jackie Chan
In his movies

Felt like a ghost in the cold wide world
I could not breathe in her dangerous world

I said stop, let’s find a way out of this maze
I'm so proud to be your one but you're hurting me
It’s a shame, you can't see that you're falling down

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