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Let´s give it up loud for
Let´s give it up loud for our best friends I´m saying now Ouoouooo

I´m singing it now for
I´m singing it now for our next dance
I´m singing now Ouoouoo

Help me if I fight with the wolves of dust Detach everything which is a kind of rust Call me If you want some help from me today I want you to know I´m your friend either way

Now get up and share yourself with the world, everyday

Let me tell you a story about my friend
He grooves in Harlem, baby, in the damaged van No one could hear him up, hear what is in his grandstand He needs attention, needs a space, needs some of fresh air

The next day a friend came to him, talked to him, walked with him Gave him a microphone to sing of his last stand

A tequila bottle with all my friends
Every stone cold heart can have a chance You belong to someone's open heart Just choose your cards

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