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Based on the information hangin' on my brain
Put it all together, and this is what I get
Kinda like an acid trip you'd take in '69
When it was stronger
Looked in the mirror and this is what I see
No matter how hard I try I just can't let it be
Cut off all my dreadlocks and now I'm feeling free
Here comes my neighbor

67 stations watching cable television in the bedroom

Everywhere I turn seems like another trap
Sent a death sentence to my own address
I thought I could do it, but now I know I can't
Wish I could just go away
Yeah I watch the sun setting in the west
Probably a thousand times and every one was best
Lone ranger desperado following the tracks
Life after rock 'n' roll
Life is getting better, and I don't want to cry
I get too embarrassed when my eyes are just too dry
Manic manipulation I play it all the time
Rocky mountain

67 stations watching cable television in your bedroom

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