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The Dispossessed - text


Fifteen nights of pouring rain
Night of dull unbearable pain
I move at night and sleep by day
I don't know any other way
I will always be here.
They will curse, they will fear
They will wave their torches
And their spears in the night
I will always be here
I will always appear.
In rumors and legends
Of greed and betrayal
Retribution and vengeance
I know you count me out for good
But I don't think you understood
I lick my wounds and dare to dream
I curse, I yearn, I plan and scheme
The fifteenth day, now the night falls
You're safe behind your garden walls
I roam the woods broken and sad
You took from me the little I had
The sixteenth day I celebrate
The sixteenth day I seal my fate
To be an outcast never be
A part of your sick treachery

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