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Long for North
Burst from the frigid seas
From North with Njord aside
To ravage the civilised nations
And wash the filth away
Death is right upon you
As the ravens circling high
With blood of the enemy
Swords shine red in the sky
Never give up of the old ways, Harjafader
Writing history in enemies blood.
Valfadr, never give up on the old ways.
Harjafader, from ashes and bloodied soil
We're sworn!
Back to North
Soon to be gone
A future to end in fire
As the battle rages on
Of your children a funeral pyre
The joy of mercy none
Spread grief and split your tongue
Under the Gods protection
Fell in chaos.
Pale white and cold
Swords sang: rejoice once more
Rejoice once more
Your death
Back to North

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