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Bound to Reunite - text


Lost drowned in darkness
Without your wisdom to guide me
I'll seek the world for answers while you Bifrost walked
Your legacy is my guidance
Through dark ages to come
I'll remember what you taught me, honour your life unbound

Lead me the way
To Oden's golden hall in Valhall = reunite
When fate in me call
Lead me the way
When worlds around me fall
We're bound to reunite
In rememberance standing tall

Wrapped in grief I ride
To seek your bloodthirst foe
Retaliate your death
To world's end I will go
I carve your story in stone
For the world to know
You'll always be remembered
Oh, brother, protect my soul

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan North

King of Asgard texty

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