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I was one when I first met you
When we were two I said my first words
They werent mom, or daddy either
My first words were I Love You.

I was three when you first hurt me
Didnt mean it, but I still cried
My parents yelled, yours put up a fight
In the game where I was your wife.

I was five and we were in preschool
We sat together all through the day
And during lunch you ignored your friends
And we played right till the end.

I was seven when we planned our lives
And we laughed when our parents arrived
We watched those films, the romantic ones
And I smiled when they said love.

I was nine when the bully teased me
You said its alright then beat him silly
Your dad came into school, he grounded you
But you smiled and said, Im here for you.

I was eleven when my parents split up
You said, Theyll find new love
And you held me tight, while I cried
Stayed with me all through the night.

At thirteen we went to the funfair
I had flowers all through my hair
We snuck away from our parents and we went on the Ferris wheel
We watched couples kissing, then you kissed me.

At fifteen I knew it was love, I really knew it was love
Never thought about it much
We dated and spent every moment together forever
You said I was the one.

Seventeen, lost our virginity
We snuck out at night, never once had a fight, oh no
Your friends kept on asking if youd done me already
You said you didnt care because we were going on steady.

Nineteen. Only nineteen years.
Nineteen minutes before you passed away.

You were the one, since I first met you
We were always two, so lonely apart
And as I cried, you closed your eyes
Your last words were I Love You.

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