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Dear Child - text


Look across the world
From where I stand
Look across the lands
You have seen it all
You have seen the worst
Look at me, I'm cursed

You may say that I have the life of the riches
You may say that I'm spoiled yet brave
But no matter how vast the earth travels and stretches
There is no place where I can be saved

If you let me through, I'll try to teach you
The lessons in life that I learnt the hard way
If you let me try, I'll look in your eyes
And there I will slowly fade away
And there I will show you of my fate
So please learn from all of my mistakes, dear child

I am growing tired
And I'm growing old
I cannot hold this throne
You were never meant
To stand before me
But now you're all I see

I was full of self-righteousness, proud and obnoxious
And I believed that I knew it all
You were young and so innocent, small and self-conscious
But you've long run past my hindered crawl


Dear child
Play me your violin
Play the song of your home
Let me once again
Feel the freedom you've known
Play your violin
Bless my heart with your soul
Child, please once again

You battled through, you made me see to
The lessons in life that I learnt the hard way
You looked in my eyes, you made me see right
And here you will never fade away

'Cause you let me through, you let me teach you
The lessons in life that I learnt the hard way
And you let me try, and look in your eyes
And there you said I will never fade
And there you said I will always stay
So as I die, learn from my mistakes, dear child
Dear child, dear child, oh-woah, dear child

You let me through, taught me to be true
You're the lesson in life that I ...

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