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Hello, good boy
It’s high time we extend the hand of fame and fortune
We possess the power, understand
Now plant the seed in the minds of all the men who see not what it means to caress the possibilities
A ritual of lust and violence
Brothers we create
Drink of the blood
Show respect while you initiate
Share in these walls, all the secrets of the industry
You’ll be a star
Just remember what our eye can see
I can finally reach where I belong
On a cloud that once felt so far gone
I am released of the pain
Free from a life of mortal man
Now take the stage, my son
Corrupt the children young of age
They know not what the future holds inside
Chaos in dreams
This light now illuminates the pathway
Chess floors will surround on the broadway
This life isn’t easy
Losing sleep and a lot of fucking respect for myself
All will judge the destination, but I’m reaching for the invitation
Time crawling out from the undertow
From the top of all, shout aloud
All in all I’ve paid my dues
Now I’m in the countdown
All will judge the destination, But I’m reaching for the invitation
I’ve been waiting a lifetime to get an answer to these calls
I’ve been waiting a lifetime to get an answer
Now I’m crawling from underneath the damaged sound
All in all I’ve paid my dues and now our fates will compound
Hello again
Are you finding pleasantries abound?
Boy, hold your tongue or you’ll join the others in the ground
See, we have eyes everywhere
We are the grand elite
Your life is ours and through music you shall herald what we teach
So think before you speak

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The Ritual

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