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Under Ancient Ground - text

Shaken, breaking
Sinking down, further
Taken to the fall of night

You're fast asleep
You are the walking dead
You feel all alone

Holding you back
Before you start it's over
Blind; locked in your mind
Taking you down
And then taking over

Buried deep down
Under ancient ground
The spirit haunting
You feel it within you
Locked out
Everything falls
Then withers out
For no reason

Aching, breaking
Rise above the shadows
Awaken to the morning light

The past, it creeps
It's lurking in your head
You breathe in the ghost


Now... Goes unnoticed
Before you start
You fear it's over

Surrender your guns
And prepare yourself
For a new way of living
The war is over
I repeat
The war is over


Now lost
Inside a world
That you can't figure out
Now you know
You’re deceived by your mind
Under Ancient Ground
Before you start
You fear it's over

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