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Shadow of a Crown - text

Nights are long
And the days are gone
And more time spent taking names
Prove you can point them out
As you shoot them down
Under the shadow of a crown
You know why you lie
You will lie

Tear you down
And they break your crown
And more time spent playing games
Prove you can stand your ground
As they wear you out
Under the shadow of a crown
You know why you lie
You will die

The corridor is dismal
Stark fear pulls down the night
A thin jagged line turned
Into a downward spiral
Arms chained and clenched tight
Complexions are pale
Beyond definition
No hope to bear
Only bloodshot eyes
A lingering and permanent condition
Just you and your mind
And your race against time

A question of when
A means to an end
Time is putting you aside
Intensions are wrong
Waiting too long
Waiting for your dying breath
You lay down your head
Wishing for death
It's shaking inside you
It's breaking you down to
All that they breed
Ego, the greed
They'll dig you up a grave
For their own disease
I beg and plead

Text přidal paja65

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