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Five Dollar Soldier - text

After the Holocaust
Estimation of victims was between
Eleven to seventeen million people

Their design
No one tries to unveil
What they refuse to bare

Questions why
Are never truly answered when
Questions return again

Don't look
Don't think
Don't speak
And don't turn around
Believe what they say
Put your whole life on the line
And then die for
Their greater cause
The greater cause

Now the fear is real
And you arrive
To give your life away
Then you see the truth
A path full of lies
You don't know why

Concentration camps were used as slave labour
Until they died of exhaustion or disease
Or by gas chamber

Target youth
Before they think for themselves
Let them lead the way
Some could see that
Something was not right
But they would never speak


They... Can't... Breathe...
Take their life
Don't... Think...
Just take life
Back... Home...
Is your wife
You... Kill...
To have life

Don't... Dare... Speak...
They will find
You... Me...
And your child
Back... Home...
They all hide
Don't... Speak...
For your life
So long ago...
Have we changed?

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