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Disconnect from the outside
Turn off the lights
Pull down the blinds
A dark room you are inside
Alone inside

Lock the door, swallow the key
Focus on the way it streams
To an empty aching void
With no meaning

Truth is you live a lie
Will not let anyone inside
Feelings bottled on a shelf
A safe place to hide

Letting go of hopes and dreams
Losing sight of what it means
To live your life alive
To feel alive

Divisions of the mind
Are frozen in time
Confound and left alone
Petrified to stone
The black holes in your eyes
No longer catch light
The apathy is owned
No room for you to grow

You are not alone
Afraid you lost control
No longer see the light
You dislocate your mind

No one's bound by the past
We have the choice to make it last
Never soon to forget
Time is fast

Letting go of all your needs
No desire to perceive
What stares you in eye
Is your life


The morning light is lost
You gave it all
Away to the dark
You’re reaching out...
You’re reaching out...

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