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Awaiting Armageddon - text


We are standing here and awaiting the new
after two thousand years
Don´t know where we go and fear in our views
Let´s hear the seers:

Don´t be scared, don´t fear what will come
don´t be sad, the old is gone
This is future, gone is the past,
Tomorrow will forever last

We are men on a mission tonight
waiting for a fight
we carry our hearts in our hands
And we make a stand

We are standing here and Armageddon is near
which means our death
We lived our lives for fifty years
until the last breath

Don´t be scared, don´t fear the last show,
Don´t be sad, the old must go,
This is heaven, gone is the earth,
this is the time of rebirth

Text přidal SG-Orava

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