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The river opened her mouth and spat into a vast sea larger and bluer than a cloudless sky. Muscular, prodigious, immortal. But our vessel was invulnerable. It was well built, the boat rocked me into sleep and I floated through a deep dream, smooth sailing through the castle in the air...
One-eyed people living peaceful
With monopods and astomi
Without malice or guile
Without covetousness
Ohh, ahh
And there's men whose heads do
Grow beneath their shoulders
Maybe we'll find the world's center
Where equinox casts no shadows
Spread our teaching
Alleviate their damnation
Ohh, ahh
Ohh, ahh
Without us they will go to hell
We are casting spells
Could it be faithful?
It couldn't seem more real
As I opened my eyes
The dream de-colorised
Until it was obscured
And the harsh reality hit me like salty water

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