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Vol 3. (Tech n9ne - My World) - text


yo..Watch me go for broke
excuse me folks can i propose a toast?
This goes out to all my bros with hopes
and dreams, of rocking loads of shows

..but I'm like "holy smokes"
music is full of Pinocchios
puppets, liars, who overdose
on egos, cheap hoes, and broken souls...

so I gotta be the one to do it better
whatever i get into i'm rockin every new endeavour
incredible fluid, flow hotter when you chew the pepper
if I get it any wetter I bet it could ruin leather

but i'm betting you'll never be on my level
I'm a secular rapper who's getting fed up with the devil
got the energy of Megadeth and every Heavy Metal
band, never will I settle, forget it, gimme the treble

gimme the bass, gimme the rock, gimme distorted guitar
gimme the popular music today from horrible stars
.. while I'm at it, can I borrow your car?
head out the window puffin on imported cigars

I'm here to jack this beat and I'm outie
I'm from the land where the people say howdy
speaking it loudly and proudly and rowdy
I'm so swift like a thief with the bounty

I swear to god I will die for this
I will to stand up to your self righteousness
I'll play matchmaker when you gripe and bitch
And I will ask your face if it likes my fist

so here's to y'all, but hold applause
to the bands that be rockin in a cold garage
never give up just get up and grow some balls
when your heart is torn and your soul is lost

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