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Still Lonely - text


I'm so lonely, yeah
everybody's got someone else
and I'm just lonely
I go to the movies by myself

see cuz I've got friends but they're with their girls
and I wish there was someone that would be in my world
I'm just lonely
yeah so lonely

But I'm okay
so Don't you worry
I'm still here
just waiting for you
but I won't ask you, I can't ask you to care
that I'm still lonely

I'm here, lonely, yeah
I'm so far away from you
Oh I'm still lonely
it starts to feel like Deja Vu

cuz I dreamt all night of a place I'd been
that reminded me I'll never see your face again.
I'm just lonely
oh I'm still lonely

it doesn't seem so bad
Until I think I miss you

and all the dreams I've had
are only real when i can share them with you

now watch me break down, face down, drained, now I can't smile
no one's here to laugh when I cry, that's how the rain sounds
my movie ends, and it's missing out my favourite scene
... my girl .... My Love.... My Queen...

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