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Never Walked On The Moon (REMIX) - text


See, I've never broken records
been someone's hero, or spoke at lectures
some things I'm too slow get first
I've never saved lives like smoke detectors
I've sunk no boats, never dove for treasures
or Travelled the world for salt & pepper
I just dream of grandiose endeavours
I Do my best and just hope for better
And I've never cured diseases
never even visited the poorest regions
I've never B-boyed, never wore Adidas
I can't battle, I'd get torn to pieces
and sadly, I was never born a genius
never had a voice like Morgan Freeman's
but I was still born to perform, believe this
I Do it for the girl I adore, my sweetness

I've never walked on the moon
I've never changed the world
I'm nothing special
but when I'm with you girl
I can do anything.

and I've never made the Olympics
never done anything amazing, I'm win-less
no gold medals, no name in the index
Guinness book, look, maybe I'da been rich
but I could never play like I'm Hendrix
never sold out any stadium attendance.
for days I'll pretend that labels have interest
but I just get upset and I hate that I think this
... I have nothing impressive to share
I lose my ego, I don't flex in the mirror
Even with the rockets on my best underwear
compared to the rest I feel less than prepared
and I'm not Batman, I'm not even Bruce Wayne
I'm not a King, maybe i should get a new name
I'm too plain for you babe, but I'm through prayin'
you're Lois Lane so for you I'll be Superman


i know a whole tonne of people
have done things, something so unbelievable
but my flow is still Lethal
since 2005 I've been stroking my ego.
and i try to be humble.
but you just know how to make me feel wonderful
all my fans, you're my girl, you're the one, yo
Thank you, I can't wait to see you front row


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