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What Have You Got to Lose - text


Yes, I know you've led them on
And you've been figuring up the cost
Of your list
Your saddest goodbyes

I'm gonna stay right here with you
So if you're looking for something new
All you have to do is choose
What have you got to lose

Yes, it shows you need a change
And you've been feeling very strange
That the things that made you feel so good before
Have not been feeling good 'cuz I'm so much in love with you
All you have to do is try somethin' new
What have you got to lose

And when you're ready let me know
Come to me, I'll let your river flow
When you're ready, aw, give me a sign
It's time you stepped back out in the sunshine

Wouldn't you like to wake up and find
Me, every morning, on your mind
Oh, come on, don't be shy
Come on, you don't have to hide

Come on and get me
What have you got to lose
Come on and get me
Aw, what have you got to lose

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