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I Can't Stop Thinking About You - text


A candle's burning in my window
And it's burning just for you
I had some big plans for tomorrow
But you had something else to do
You came to me right out of nowhere
You gave me shelter in your eyes
And though you let the walls come caving in
When the cold wind blew
I can't stop thinking about you

You let me walk into your dream world
You gave me things I couldn't steal
And in the wee hours of the morning
I still believe the dream was real
Why did you show me all your colors
When you knew that I was blind
Still I keep looking for the reasons
That'll see me through
I can't stop thinking about you

I can't stop thinking about you
I can't stop thinking about you

The night is dark, indeed
Ah, but I can't hide
There are voices in my house
But nobody's inside
I'll hit the town tonight
But even if I do
The party lights won't shine tonight
'Cause I can't stop thinking about you

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