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Bloody Tourniquet - text


Forever, in my mind you dwell
beyond my dreams u'll breathe

Let me lead you to the river, where we swam
Sweet memories shine through a lonesome path ..
Oh the path became so rough and narrow
I cannot bare the cross alone
Your blood covered my skin, your sins cut me deep

Nothing is worthy to be called 'eternal'
but this ruthless pain, the scar that remains ...
Where are the flowers we once grew?
Few words are left unsaid but they would be forgotten too
Alone I await in the shade
and hope for nothing more, but death .

Sleep, let your tired body rest, lay your head on his chest
and drift away to where I shall await ...

would I run ? to where?
Would I shout ? for whom?
would I love? only you ..

The taste of wine still thick in my throat
and the heavy smell of her
sticking to my skin like clouds of flies,
bless me with a thought...
i come upon the same pale vision
of us when we were young.
to the place where we two used to lay...
do you sometimes dream of a bloody tourniquet?

Text přidala Karin1831

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