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I lay awake I cannot sleep
is this a nightmare, is it real?
I want to wake up and escape from everything
I´m trapped inside my thoughts all night
I can´t believe
this can´t be right!
Please wake me up and let me go, please wake me up!

I go insane
leave me alone
my thoughts are spinning
around and around and around again
I lose my mind if I stay awake
where should this end if
I lose control over me again?

2 days have passed but still I stand
this nightmare is getting out of hand
It´s morning 3 am and still no sleep in sight
4 hours more
get up for work
another pill to make me work
but still the anger grows
and grows and grows and grows

you are my darkest friend
at night we always meet again
you are my sad ally
you never leave me alone at night

Am I mad?
What is going on?
Is this a dream or is this real?
Will I die if
I jump out of the window?
Will I just wake up?

And if I take another pill?
Or maybe have another drink?
Is there a tomorrow?
Or am I living this
nightmare forever?
At work the problems could not wait
I have to solve all issues now
I am responsible I can´t be late this time
At home again I have to start
I have to break this spell tonight
I have to win tis fight that never seems to stop


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