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Good night left side - text


Some things in life are a pain in the ass that keeps on coming back,

like dogshit sticking on your boots, or hammeroids in your crack

The antifascist action is one of those things that just won't go away,

you can squash 'em like an insect, but they'll be back the next day

They are the fools that I truly resent - they are the cunts that I despise,

everyone with a different opinion is a Nazi in their eyes

So tell me who's the true fascist now, who are the ones with the narrow minds?

Who are the ones intolerant, yeah who's hate's truly blind?


Smash the scum of the AFA - good night left side!

AFA bastards make 'em pay - good night left side!

Oohoo - let's show the scum who's right!

Oohoo - good night left side!

The lack on personal hygiene is a statement they hold clear,

the stench of rotten fish heads is their only weapon we fear

Because their just a bunch of cowards too scared too show their face,

spotty twats they make me laugh - oh what a disgrace


They've got nothing to live for - yeah they have got no pride,

that scum has got no dignity - they're wrong and we are right

They're out to destroy us - but the fools won't stand a chance,

here's one for the AFA - come on out and dance


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