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Fight For Your Life - text


Black man came across the sea,

he brought us Aids and misery

He took our land we met his greed,

abused our welfare for his own need

We fought him hard - we fought him well,

in Europe's cities we gave him hell

Too many came from jungle-trees,

when will we ever be set free?

We won't run to the fucking hills or hide away in caves,

we fight for our survival - they won't lead us to our graves

Cause we belong in Europe and we're gonna fucking stay,

no one in this world is gonna chase our folk away


Fight for your life! Fight for your life!

We won't run the fucking hills - we'll fight and we'll survive!

Fight for your life! Fight for your life!

We won't be defeated - 'cause our future is our drive!

Europe is our birthright it's more then rocks and sand,

we must protect it with our lives when will you understand?

Our future is in danger - judgement day will soon begin,

it's suicide to run away - can't let the bastards win


The time has come to seperate the cowards from the brave,

who will still be free and who will turn into a slave

The strong they will survive - I know it sounds a bit clich
but it is just the truth - can't put it any other way


Text přidala Spectacular

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